Hydrogen Horizon Automotive Challenge

Toyota knows the importance of preparing for the future, and that it’s not just a one-step process. To be prepared for the car of the future you have to be on the cutting edge of design, efficiency, performance, and technology. This is what Toyota’s engineers work at to design a car that will change to shape of the automotive industry. But while those engineers are working on the car of tomorrow, who is preparing the engineers of tomorrow.

 Toyota has stepped up to the plate by partnering with Horizon Educational Group to start the Hydrogen Horizon Automotive Challenge. The Challenge is an afterschool program that is dedicated to teaching high school students about alternative fuels and climate change. The program lasts for a semester and is designed to be a very hands-on and one-of-a-kind classroom experience.

As part of the Hydrogen Horizon Automotive Challenge, students will do activities such as building their very own fuel cell remote control vehicle and diving deep into fuel cell technology. The program officially began in early August with a series of teacher training events at the Toyota campus in Torrance, California. The program concludes with a race of the remote controlled fuel cell vehicles built by students at the end of the semester.

The curriculum is based on the design of the Toyota Mirai, and delves deep into the challenges and successes Toyota’s engineers experienced when working on the Mirai. These Toyota engineers will also visit classrooms and speak with students directly. It’s all in an effort to increase student excitement and involvement in STEM fields and create a culture of knowledge and curiosity for future generations.