For most of us, an oil change is not something you look forward to. You have to take time out of your hectic schedule to go find a service center and get an oil change without being upcharged out of the rest of your paycheck. But, you have to do it because you don’t want to do long term damage to your car - which would make you hectic day much, much worse. When you go these service centers, you’ve probably noticed that there are two different options available. You can get a conventional oil or a synthetic oil change. But what does that mean and which one should you get? Well, we are glad you asked and are happy to explain. 


A conventional oil change is exactly what it sounds like. It’s what most people are used to and has been around for a long time. The foremost benefit of conventional oil is, of course, the price. It’s mostly cheaper to put conventional oil in your car. In some cars, conventional oil will make it run just fine and getting an oil change consistently will help your car live a full life and help you get your money’s worth. 
So why would anyone pay more for a synthetic oil change? The list goes on and on. Synthetic oil will help keep your motor neat and clean by reducing sludge that forms in your engine and in so doing improving your engine’s efficiency. It also helps in keeping you engine from wearing down quicker and can go a long ways in increasing the life of your vehicle. Synthetic oil goes a long way in helping to keep you car running in harsh temperatures both high and low. If you’ve been out and about , letting your car sit in cold temperatures can sometimes affect the performance when you start it back up again. Synthetic oil helps prevent that from happening. Synthetic oil also is engineered to prevent your engine from over heating which is a huge benefit when you’re on your summer road trips. 
So what kind of oil change is right for you? Your first read your car’s owner’s manual and see what is recommended. If you’re still not sure, feel free to schedule an appointment with us and one of our friendly service advisors will help you figure out exactly what is best for you.  

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