2016-2017 Toyota Tacoma Oil Leak Recall

IMPORTANT: If you own a 2016-2017 Toyota Tacoma, you may be affected! Please call or fill out the form below to find out about parts availability & service appointments.

About The 2016-2017 Toyota Tacoma Oil Leak Recall

What is the recall? 
Toyota Motor North America, Inc. is calling for a safety recall of certain 2016-2017 Toyota Tacomas. The recall was prompted by a problem with the rear differentials leaking oil. The approximate number of units affected by this recall is 228,000. 
What's the risk if I don't bring it in? 
Vehicles affected by the recall may leak oil from their rear differentials. If left unrepaired, trucks continuously operated in this state could damage the rear differentials creating noise and impaired propulsion. In extreme cases, the rear differentials may seize causing a loss of control and increased risk of a collision. 

Will I get a formal notice? 
Yes. Toyota will be sending formal notifications of the recall to all known owners via first class mail starting mid-June. You can also search recalls by VIN number at //www.toyota.com/recall or https://vinrcl.safercar.gov/vin/.   
Where can I get this fixed? 
Nalley Toyota Stonecrest is an authorized Toyota dealer that can check and repair the rear differentials on your 2016-2017 Toyota Tacoma if necessary. If we do not find any leaks, we will tighten all of your fasteners. If we do find a leak, we will replace your carrier gasket for the rear differentials and install new fasteners. 
When was this discovered? 
Toyota officially released the recall notice in April 2017. 
How much will this cost? 
All repairs will be done at no cost to the consumer. Simply bring your Tacoma into a certified dealership to get the repairs taken care of free of charge. 
Where can I get more information? 
Owners may Toyota for updated recall information at 1-800-331-4331. Owners can also contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Vehicle Safety Hotline at 1-888-327-4236 (TTY 1-800-424-9153), or go to www.safercar.gov and search by VIN number.

Vehicle Identification Number

You can check your vehicle recall information here by using your VIN number. VIN stands for "vehicle identification number." It consists of 17 alphanumeric characters. Your VIN is like a fingerprint for your vehicle. Any car newer than 1980 has this identification. This number also contains engine size, body style, model year, transmission type, color, and more. You can locate the VIN on the inside of the driver's seat door or on the top of the dashboard (usually on the driver's side as well.) If you are having trouble locating your VIN, Nalley Toyota Stonecrest can help you with this. Finding this number is not only vital to identifying recalls. but without a VIN, your car was either repaired, damaged, or could even possibly be a stolen vehicle.

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