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A Whole New World for the C-HR

For years, the C-HR has been an eye popping model in the Toyota lineup that has always turned heads and drawn jealous stares on the road. This crossover SUV combines function and flare to deliver a vehicle that’s just as fun to ride in as it is to drive. If you’re a fan of the C-HR, then you are in for a treat with the latest pieces of news from Toyota. 

In 2018…
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Three Ways to Take Care of Your Tires This Winter

It’s no secret that the winter months are often the most difficult on the longevity of your car. From the frigid conditions outside, to potentially icy roadways, winter hazards are all around you. That’s why during this season, it is more important than ever to be vigilant in maintaining your car. And that starts with taking care of your tires.

Nothing ruins a road trip like car trouble, and in the chilly winter…
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The Four Driving Apps Everyone Should Have

Technology has completely changed the way we drive along with the world around us. You’ve seen some of the safety features available on new Toyota vehicles such as Toyota Safety Sense which helps protect you from all sorts of unpredictable events the road can throw your way. But there is also a world of useful and entertaining information that can be gained from just the tap of your fingers. 
These apps are all “must…
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Enter the World of the Prius

Today, we all know the Toyota Prius as the world’s top-selling hybrid car. But despite all the awards and adulation, the Toyota Prius actually comes from very humble beginnings. Here is a brief history of one of the modern world’s most famous cars. 

The Prius was first produced in 1997 in Japan, back when hybrid cars were a very foreign concept. Where did the Prius get its name? It comes from a Latin…
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What You Need to Know About the 2017 Toyota Highlander

Toyota has garnered a worldwide reputation for producing all types of high quality vehicles at all types of budgets. For decades, the brand has prided itself on manufacturing cutting edge cars like the Prius, Tundra, and many others. One of the newest Toyota offerings is the 2017 Highlander and it is turning heads among auto journalists and car enthusiasts everywhere.

One of the most prominent new features of the 2017 Highlander is the new 3…
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Hydrogen Horizon Automotive Challenge

Toyota knows the importance of preparing for the future, and that it’s not just a one-step process. To be prepared for the car of the future you have to be on the cutting edge of design, efficiency, performance, and technology. This is what Toyota’s engineers work at to design a car that will change to shape of the automotive industry. But while those engineers are working on the car of tomorrow, who is…

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What to do with Your Tires Before a Long Road Trip

Have you been counting down the days until you big vacation? Well, before you take off on that long road trip, it’s important to take some simple steps to make sure your car is ready for the journey. Nothing ruins a vacation like a broken-down car, so we put together a list of tips to help you out on your way. 

1. Check Your Tires’ Air Pressure 

Before you hit the road make sure…

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Best Backseat Games to Play on a Road Trip

Who doesn't love road trips? They're a great way to escape from the real world and spend some relaxing time on the road. But, best road trips can sometimes be a little boring. If you’re traveling with children, this can especially become an issue – there are only so many times in a row you can play Frozen before the kids start to get restless. That’s where the classic car games can come in handy. You don’t need an ipad or a DVD to play, just a car and miles of open roads. So, here are…

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